The Vampire Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Sharon Buchbinder

Cat’s Paw Cove Book 26

When it comes to love, all bets are off…

When home organizer and Gorgon, Meddy Stheno, is called in to help a recent arrival to Cat’s Paw Cove tidy up his home, she meets a handsome and frustrated father of a precocious three-year-old. Meddy is sworn to secrecy to protect this special child. The boy is unable to control his shapeshifting—but he can go out in the daylight.

Vampire billionaire and casino owner, Quinn Ward, is on the run from someone who wants to extract his dhampir son’s abilities. To protect his child, he must rely on Meddy and the eccentric Supernaturals in Feline Fine Retirement Home. Can he count on them to help overpower the powerful Head of the Vampire House Diablos?

With the fate of his son on the line, Quinn and Meddy must recruit and train a Magical team. Can Quinn overcome his past and let another woman into his life? Will this longshot give them the payout they both need? Or will Meddy and Quinn lose it all in this do or die gamble for love?

“A wonderful story, but every visit to Cat’s Paw Cove has been a joy and we do get to catch up with some of the residents we have previously met. I loved this story and want more.” Linda Tonis

“In this book, we have a hot billionaire, his dhampir little boy, a gorgon hired to organize their lives, and a wicked vamp queen trying to track them down. I couldn’t get enough of this book and want more!” N.N. Light

“Sharon Buchbinder has created a town full of quirky and fun characters. It’s a paranormal, but think Molly Harper vs Anne Rice. 😉 A.S. Cookie

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