The Wrong Wife by L. Steele

He’s my best friend’s brother.
My new boss.
And now my fake husband.

Knight Warren. The country’s most sought-after heartthrob, and retired military vet, is my complete opposite.
He’s grumpy where I’m sunshine.
Surly where I’m… happy go lucky.
He’s the hardened ex-soldier.
I’m still trying to find my calling.
The only thing we have in common is that we both love his sister…
…who’s also my best friend.
So when she asks me to help Knight find a wife I can’t say no.
Turns out he’ll inherit his father’s empire as long as…
… he gets married within the next month.

I agree to work as his assistant and interview the women who apply for the position.
But Knight hates every one of them.
With the deadline drawing close, he proposes I marry him.
In return, he’ll pay off my debts and take care of my mother’s medical treatment.

Only he has conditions-
I need to pretend I belong to him, be in a fake marriage with him,
… for an entire year!
But what happens when the chemistry between us ignites?
Forced to live under his roof I know I’m falling for him.
As the days pass I begin to think he reciprocates my feelings.
Until he introduces me to his real wife…

This is a billionaire, forced proximity, one-bed, boss-employee, fake relationship, and a best friend’s brother novel. It is a complete standalone.

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