Salvation’s Bane MC 7

Tobias: I hate bullies. Gymnastics moms are the worst, too. So when a girl who looks no older than the kids with the overbearing mothers steps in to take over, I’m more than a little skeptical. Her name is, of all things, Kitty, and I’ve been watching her from a distance. I just didn’t realize she was a highly trained athlete in the body of a young, beguiling, innocent woman. Everything about her calls to my protective instincts. Especially when I find her putting herself in the hands of the very tormentor who broke my sister.

Kitty: Gymnastics has been my life as long as I can remember. Blowing out my knee just before the Olympic trials was not on my agenda, but here I am. The opportunity to audition for a troupe of renowned performers seems like a dream come true. Only it’s a nightmare. Then he comes to my rescue. Tobias. He’s scary looking, and so strong it takes my breath away. I’m crazy attracted to him, even though he’s got more than a little violent streak in him. What’s a girl to do? Me? I just roll with it. Until I can get him to claim me for his own.

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