TRS Romance Writing Academy ~ Seeking Teachers

This fall, TRS would like to begin offering classes on the craft of writing romance. We want to provide courses that teach innovative plotting techniques that breathe new life into storytelling. We want classes that provide advanced methods like storyboarding for visual narrative structure, mastering traditional story arcs, and unlocking the secrets of specialized beat sheets tailored for romance narratives. We want classes that explore dynamic character arcs and the art of crafting authentic characters, including secondary figures crucial for series continuity.

Do you have a foundational craft workshop covering concrete goals, motivations, and conflicts (GMC)? Can you teach how to integrate multifaceted tensions on every page and immerse readers in deep, compelling points of view? Suppose you have a workshop or an idea for one where a writer can learn to master essential writing elements like crafting evocative scenes and sequels, enriching descriptions that paint vivid mental images, and infusing dialogue, backstory, and setting with captivating depth and relevance. In that case, we want to talk to YOU!

We’re also looking for workshops and classes specializing in genre-specific writing techniques, whether creating the emotional rollercoaster of romance, the intricate puzzles of mystery, or the heart-pounding suspense of thrillers. Courses that teach self-editing strategies tailored to refine manuscripts to their finest form, ensuring every chapter resonates with narrative cohesion and reader engagement.

If you have workshops or are interested in developing them, contact us right away. Thank you!

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