Urgent Vows by Lucy Monroe


My plan is to run from my miserable life as the daughter of a Consigliere right after my sister marries the Don. It doesn’t matter that one touch from him sparks all sorts of things it shouldn’t. That’s only one more reason to leave my life in the New York Cosa Nostra. But when my sister disappears the morning of her wedding, I’m left in her wedding dress, standing in front of the priest with him. The man I thought I could never have. The man who could break me.


I need to marry, but I don’t want a wife that will disrupt my life. I crave her body though. And once her sister runs, nothing will stop me from having her. She’ll marry me to protect her sister, but who is going to protect her…from me?

This is a standalone spicy mafia romance with a guaranteed HEA.

CW: violence, foul language, and domestic violence (past reference and on the page – not between the main characters)

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