When it comes to writing, there are a growing number of tools emerging to help authors. One editing platform, in particular, is a great tool to help authors with the editing process. It has some rather clever features too. Today, we’re taking a closer look at AutoCrit.

What is AutoCrit?

Autocrit is an online editing platform that you can use for fiction or nonfiction. It’s designed to help you save time in making fast and effective improvements to your manuscript as you polish it up for submission to agents or publishers. It also helps you identify things in your individual writing style to help you make improvements.

It’s more than just an online grammar or spell check. AutoCrit is a comprehensive interactive book editor that does check your spelling and grammar but it does a lot more.

AutoCrit helps you find problems that take readers out of your story:

  • Filler words that don’t contribute to your story or weaken it like it or that or those ly adverbs.
  • Repeated or redundant phrasing and words.
  • Excessive unneeded dialogue tags like “he whispered.”
  • Too many sentences with similar lengths.
  • Uneven and slow pacing.
  • Accidental or unintentional use of passive voice.
  • Sections of your story that could be strengthened.

More than 20 interactive reports

AutoCrit offers over 20 different interactive reports to provide you insight that will not only make you a better writer but will help you thoroughly polish your story. AutoCrit’s book editor points out the problem spots for you using easy-to-see highlights along with helpful information on why those changes are recommended.

You get detailed information like how many times you’d used given words and how many you should remove. It gives you readability scores, breakdowns on how many paragraphs are too long to be effective, and how to improve your dialogue.

AutoCrit is a great tool for either beginning or seasoned writers. It’s a virtual mentor, line editor, and writing coach when you need it.

Real-world comparisons

One of AutoCrit’s best features is its real-world context. Using custom-built artificial intelligence (AI), the platform has reviewed the content of millions of bestselling books. It gives you the ability to choose a specific genre (like romance) and compare your uploaded text to those.

You also have the ability to compare your works to specific authors who have a style you’d like to emulate. Want to see how your work matches up to Danielle Steele or Debbie Macomber? Tom Clancy or Stephen King? You absolutely can. If you write across different genres, it’s definitely worth a closer look.

The AutoCrit platform knows the expectations of a given genre’s target audience and can help you fine-tune your work to meet them. The author profiles you can select from are made from real books, giving you a way to study the author’s writing style and see how to refine your own style

AutoCrit gives you a way to keep up with current publishing demands while providing targeted guidance on your unique writing style and stories.

What you need to know

You can signup for AutoCrit for free and give it a try. To unlock all of those great features, you need to upgrade to a professional account. It’s $30 per month or $297 for an entire year. They also run some great offers from time to time. For Black Friday, they offered a lifetime membership for just $300.

They also offer writing workshops, community forums, and special events. We really like AutoCrit and would recommend the service to those looking to become better authors this year.