Ridgewood Rogue Wolves Saga Book 3

I have a mate. I have a pack. So why does my wolf feel so damned unsettled?

Finally shifting after years of my wolf being in hiding is incredible. My mate Andrew is everything I never dreamed of but somehow always wanted.

Still, my wolf wants more. She wants Neville and Vincent. And she wants them now.

And another thing…

No one talks about the whys and hows of the other pack that slowly seems to be creeping in, but I have a bad feeling about it.

My bad feelings have never steered me wrong.

So now, I wait.

Marred is book 3 in the popular Ridgewood Rogues Pack series by Mazzy J. March. It features a wolf shifter who lost one leg in a terrible accident and grew up in the foster system before finding her way to those who can help her to navigate the dangers of her past life and become a full-fledged wolf shifter and mate to three of the strongest, most loving alpha wolves in the country.

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