Writing Gothic Fiction from Autocrit

Master the Art of Sumptuous and Chilling Gothic Fiction

Self-Paced Online Course

Want to try your hand at writing a Gothic story? Or maybe you have a draft novel in another genre that needs more passion, atmosphere and thrills?

Step through the portal of the old mansion. Can you hear the hinges squeal? Duck under the cobwebs, and mind that trap door under your feet. Take a few steps along the dusty crimson carpet while we light a candle to show you the way…

Writing Gothic Fiction offers you a step-by-step journey through the key elements of crafting a delectable Gothic tale, including:

  • The tropes of Gothic fiction.
  • Building main characters and a supporting cast.
  • Driving passions and obsessions.
  • How to plot, start and end your story.
  • Using evocative description to convey mood and stir emotion.
  • Using deep POV for a stronger experience.
  • How to add a Gothic touch to just about any genre.
  • And lots, lots more.

This on-demand course features 28 chapters of video and text lessons, complete with recommended exercises you can use to bring your new skills to life on the page.

Whether you’re looking to master the foreboding atmosphere of Shirley Jackon, Mary Shelley or Bram Stoker, or want to conjure your own modern approach to the Gothic tale, Writing Gothic Fiction is the perfect choice.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Suitable for Writers of: Short Stories, Novellas, Novels

$99 for a limited time. $149 regularly

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