Writing Immersive Settings Workshop from Autocrit

Master The Art Of Immersive Storytelling

Thurs, July 27th @ 1:00 PM EST
Sun, July 30th @ 7:00 PM EST

$129 ($79 for Autocrit members)

Ever feel like your settings lack depth? Like they’re just words on a page and not believable or rich worlds?

With mastery of worldbuilding, you can immerse your readers into the story so they feel like they are truly living in the setting. Transport them away from their normal life and lead them into imaginative worlds they won’t soon forget.Join us for the Immersive Settings workshop and explore:

  • Powerful Descriptions for Settings: How to write locations that have believable history or carry a realistic weight?
  • Techniques for Immersive Settings: Discover the writing methods for transporting your audience into a unique location.
  • Advanced Strategies for Captivating Readers: Learn how to utilize key details and weave in intricate backstory to make the settings authentic and believable.

This live interactive workshop takes place over a 90-minute sessions and designed to empower you with the skills needed to craft compelling settings that readers won’t forget.

Seamlessly blend description and exposition properly to transform your settings into immersive tapestries that captivate and engage your audience, while avoiding tedious, monotonous descriptions.

Once the workshop concludes, you’ll also get expert feedback on an excerpt of writing demonstrating what you have learned.

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