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My best friend’s brother? My brother’s best friend?

It doesn’t get any more cliché, yet…I can’t help but want him.

Kenna Ayken is a junior in high school, and she’s been crushing on a boy since forever. Too bad he’s never shown a similar interest in her. They’ve known each other since birth, and Kenna has had to endure watching him bounce from relationship to relationship, but when his home life goes from bad to worse, they find themselves growing closer. Suddenly their friendship is becoming more tangible and true, something separate from her brother, a new bond that is just for them.
All these years he has never once glanced at her in a meaningful way…
Until he does.

I’ve known Kenna my whole life and she’s always felt like another little sister to me.

Until now.

Logan West is a senior in high school, and for the first time since he’s known her, he can’t keep his eyes off of his best friend’s little sister. He’s wrong for Kenna in every way, but that’s the least of his problems. Matt has never liked seeing any guy with his little sister, and he sure as hell would have an issue with Logan pursuing her. But he can’t change the fact that he’s so much more aware of her now.
Things at home are getting…harder. When Kenna walks in one day, she sees just how bad it’s become, and reacts in a way Logan never would have expected.

Something new and electric is developing between them.

Though he knows he should, Logan can’t seem to stay away. He wants to explore these new feelings, to see if they could lead to something special.
But he can’t.
Matt is his closest friend, practically his brother, and he can’t place a wedge in their lifelong friendship over a possibility.

This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance recommended for mature readers as it contains some explicit content and difficult topics. 

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